Fun Facts

I drove a Good Humor ice cream truck for three summers in college. 

A life lesson I learned from my dad is that it's pretty rare you regret being friendly. (PS. Dad's are the best.) 

What started out as Christmas gifts for friends turned into a necklace line that I sell at a local boutique. Check them out at @modmincomo, where you can also see my love of color. Color palettes are addictive.

My pet peeves are people that don't use their blinkers and people that don't pass you the door. Just be thoughtful, people. 

I once spent 13 days straight in Vegas for work. No one should ever do that. 

I love cooking, and people that like to eat really are the best people.






My name is Samae and I am an Art Director in Columbia, Missouri. I grew up in Connecticut and moved to the midwest after graduating from college. I live in Columbia – a fun college town of about 100,000 – with my engineer husband, Wade, and our two kitties Ellie and Rosie. (Rosie is a stinker.) 

I love all aspects of design, especially brand building. There is nothing more exciting than sitting down with a Sharpie and a sketchbook to map out a creative project – whether it be an ad campaign, launching a new product or building out a cohesive Q4 holiday marketing plan. If you break down projects to smaller steps they are much more achievable. While I enjoy leading the charge, I also love being in the trenches with a team, doing the work. I am focused on the big picture, but know its all the little details that make a project successful. 

Here is a little about me. 


BFA  |  Graphic Design  |  University of Connecticut


Miller's, Inc.  |  Art Director|  2002 - Present
Miller's Professional imaging is the largest professional photo lab in the United States. Mpix – a division of Miller’s, Inc. – is their consumer offering. During my tenure, I have played an integral role in doubling Miller’s annual sales, launching their consumer + semi-pro photo brands, overhauling the templated product offering, planning amazing customer events and more. I am an excellent communicator and really enjoy working with cool people on fun projects. My current responsibilities include:

Establish + build relationships with various designers, photographers, illustrators and vendors 

Observe, analyze and incorporate trends as they pertain to the photography and design market, to keep brands relevant

Concept + compose print/digital marketing assets for B2B and B2C audiences

Create cohesive print, online, direct mail, and social media assets

Recruit creative talent

Mentor, coordinate, oversee daily efforts for 5 person creative team

Coordinate, art direct + style product photo shoots

Creative planning for national tradeshows + large customer events 

Design + merchandise a 20x90’ tradeshow booth

Pitch new products and execute awareness campaigns

Develop annual marketing plan for Miller’s B2B and B2C brands

Lead all template acquisitions for Mpix + Miller’s (Results: +37% card sales growth for 2015 + 2016)

Establish commission plan for artist recruitment

Style, art direct + design weekly email campaigns, remarketing + website graphics

Develop national ad campaigns, with work featured in Real Simple, Martha Stewart Weddings, Professional Photographer, Rangefinder, Click, etc. 

D E S I G N  T O O L S

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign. Utilize Basecamp for planning + Box for creative communication.


Professional Photographers of America – Hot One Product Awards
2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

Photo Marketing Association
2012 Marketer of the Year

Miller's Professional Imaging

White House Design Award
University of Connecticut